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This group provides a free forum where by Java users can discuss different topics in Java, software design, other languages not necessarily related to Java, hot topics, and methodologies. The format of the meets is a group discussion where we encourage everyone to participate. Usually the group focuses on a selected section in a book or some other media format of choice. Everyone is welcome to attend regardless of one's current experience level in area of Software Development. Meetings are friendly, fun, and low key. As your teacher used to say in school, "there is no stupid question", so feel free to ask any question; you won't be chastised for it. See Past Books for a list of the book that we have already gone over. We meet every Tuesday except for the first Tuesday of the month in respect for our main LAJUG meeting. The selected readings are very manageable being between 30 and 50 pages for each week we meet. All the books and other media that we go over are nominated and chosen by a vote of the group. The group moves in the direction that the majority are interested in. The group is all about learning and having some fun along the way.

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An email is sent out before the each next meeting to the LAJUG Study Group mailing list on and to the LAJUG mailing list.

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